Build 1.2: "A Dragon's Story and his Darkest Secret"

Welcome, BigBuffDemonBoi here,

     Another new update is finally here, new scenes, new cgs, and new images! Thanks for supporting this game guys, I really appreciate it, donations are always welcome and highly appreciated!

New updates:

  • Side Images for the Main Character
  • New Fonts
  • Some Grammars Checked
  • New Cgs of Drago and Red!
  • New nsfw cg of ?????????
  • Reveal the story behind Drago's Life!!!


a.hj-102-universal-release.apk 188 MB
Mar 21, 2021 207 MB
Mar 21, 2021

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Can't wait for the next updaes <3 <3 <3 

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Keep going for making update Im so enjoyed playing your games ❤👍

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Ahh, Thank you so much! And Im glad you liked the game!💖