​​Build 1.3: "The Past, The Event, and The Crocodile"

Heya everyone, BigBuffDemonBoi here!

The new update is all about the event, the past, and Red himself, joining a gladiator's arena, while visions of the stranger always appear, and possibly, you could see Red's soft side~

Build 1.3 is finally out with new things!

  • Nsfw CG of Red
  • New sprite for Red
  • Tons of new CGs
  • 25k words added a total of approx. 65k words
  • Updated main menu


AHellishJourney-1.3-pc.zip 225 MB
May 08, 2021
a.hj-103-universal-release.apk 206 MB
May 08, 2021

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Will we get to have a route where we choose none(where we meet the other demons and our demon says which one you like) so we can later choose who we want like Havelock

Perhaps, the routes isn't available yet, tho the like points will be very useful for the future updates 


Ok >:3 and bwsides that excellent vn and wish the best of luck my good sir~<3

I really enjoyed playing this game! I've been craving for some furry vn for a while and this help sate it. I'm looking forward to the next update!

Heh, Im glad you're enjoying it ^^