Smol Update 1.4.1: "Training"

Hey EVeryone, BigBuffDemonBoi here,

been awhile since I posted something, for now, I'll have to release a small update, the next update might take too long because of business and such, but don't worry, this updates still has a lot of changes and added some extra teasing scenes for the next update!

  • Grammar is now fixed.
  • New sprites for our handsome dragon, Drago.
  • Better cg for your first meet up of Red and Drago.
  • An extra 6k words scene available on day 5
  • Extra words on nsfw scenes XD

These are all the new things for now, I'll try to release the next update as early as possible, SEE YA!


a.hj-10401-universal-debug.apk 237 MB
Aug 04, 2021 254 MB
Aug 04, 2021

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Ohh I like the VN so far and the new sprite for Draco makes him more dragon looking. Also that Voracity music giving me more vibes again whahahah.

Yesss >:3

So big and buff!

I have tried many different combanation of options,but I just couldn't find the new nsfw scene.Please give me some guidence(ó﹏ò。).At least tell me who I need to look for...

Ahh the smol update has no new nsfw for now, but on the next update, it'll be possible that there will be two nsfw, hehe

Oh,that's a great news.

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you haven't uploaded the 1.4.1 mobile version for download? when I go to download it only appears on pc 1.4.1 and mobile is still on 1.4

Ahh, Ive uploaded it a while ago

How's it going? Just thought i'd check up on things, saw the new poster art thingy for this vn, looks great! Soo, what do you think about the current state of this pandemic? Imagine if things would've been different. Well, guess i'll be left wondering. Also, Red is kinda hot ngl, the others too ( i might be a scalie after all, oh no-or rather, hell yeah! )