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(This game is still under development)

Warning: The story contains 18+  NSFW, Dark Themes, Profanity, Gore, and some Eerie scenes.

The story is about Aki(Name can be changed), a lowlife mercenary wolf who got paid to do every job, either good or bad. Growing up in an unnamed kingdom, he lived there as a street wolf after being abandoned by his mother and father. Until one day he met someone, someone that has a heart of gold, who helped him on getting back up again, but the stranger would leave him one day on an important mission... 

Then, he was all alone again, remembering and following every teaching the stranger had taught him and used those skills as an opportunity to become a mercenary. But his ways were too much and soon went out of line, agitating the king as a job went horribly wrong. Given the choice to step down as a mercenary or be exiled, he chose the latter but he was ultimately hunted down and killed by the kingdom's knights. 

But in a sudden twist of events before he was completely dead, an infamous demon took an interest in him and made a pact with him to become his vessel and to live with unimaginable powers and immortality. 

With his newfound power, both Aki and the demon pulled off a stunt that was completely out of the line, attracting the attention of some other demons. Who could they be? Are they here to help him on his journey? Could you possibly build a relationship with one of them? Or maybe one of them is here for Aki's head... The story shall progress. 

Huge credit to incompetech for the bg musics!

And thanks to my friends who supported me in making this game.

Your Positive comments are making me complete the next update guys!

(I know, few Grammars still needs to be fixed-)

Oh, also don't forget to rate the game!

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsBara, Dark Fantasy, demon, Erotic, Furry, Gay, Romance, suspense
Average sessionA few hours

Install instructions

Just click download now and donate if its okay hehe, the click either pc or android.


a.hj-release.apk 265 MB
AHellishJourney-1.6.5-pc.zip 283 MB
AHellishJourney-1.6.5-mac.zip 249 MB
AHellishJourney-1.6.5-linux.tar.bz2 256 MB

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When's the update??


Holi croco how about when the next update comes out nwn

This VN is so underrated, it's ridiculous. This is an S Tier material VN. 

I low-key enjoyed every single second reading this and I can't freaking wait for more. Ever character is unique and the story is damn good.

BigBuffDemonBoi,with all the work and effort that you put in alone you've created a masterpiece. Please keep up your amazing work.

If Aki never gives up then neither should you 😉👍

I came here for the porn and I ended up being more interested in the story omg 😭

Ruaden is so fking hot😫

there is a way to get past that "demon" that is in the universe because it has a photo That I didn't see in the game

help me in day 5 the i alway died on and reastarting the Game again and again its still same i dont know why please Help me

Try saving before doing the dialogue?

 can I still be able to get the key to that lusty tavern in future version if i choose to company Ruaden? i do not want make choice between Ruaden and that hot drake, guess I am really greedy😏

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"AhoyLads". I would love to get havelock sex scene,or more naughty things with him

Will you make a chapter select screen in the future?


downloaded ver1.6 yesterday then got 1.6.5 today,what a coincidence^_^

All those characters are attractive,especially Red.he's really adorable when he got flushed or flustered,can't wait to see how cute he will be when he is topped and dominated(if there will be such sences)

Besides,just out of curiosity,how many routes will there be in total?

There will be but it may take long since red is special hehe, and as for the (if what you mean i) love routes, that is to not be decided yet since we're still close on the tip of the iceberg

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Then the story should be much longer than I've expected, which is really great.hope there will be more cute or soft sides of Red to be revealed,just love the contrasts^_^

En cuanto sale la próxima actualización


You're just in time for the new update

how do i get past the scene where Tchort was taking over Aki i have been stuck on it for weeks


Tbh i would let Drago own me


Can yall help me in day 5 the i alway died on i donnt know why please Help me

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Are there any nsfw scenes with Drago?

Deleted 70 days ago

69 day ago.. funny number

Still waiting for next upd!


Please don't you dare to ever abandon this AMAZING VN. It is SOOO GOOOOD. I wish everything go perfect for you and you finish this masterpiece. All the best 😊



This VN is really great and making me cry 3 times on the backstory of aki when he lost Hunter,Mary and The couple mercenaries(╥﹏╥)

And probably one of the most fav thing in this VN is you can choose to be a top or bottom when doing that(✿ ♡‿♡)

Cant wait for future update(◍•ᴗ•◍)/


I play at the build 1.5 last time and i though oh this is good but when i see the last time this vn update i was shock and my hope get down that this vn Will update but eventually it update

Still waiting for the new update

is day 5 the last day cause i alway died on day 5 i donnt know why :


Being honest, first seeing this vn I was a bit standoffish about it but then I played it. This vn is truly fantastic and I love each of its characters and each of their personallities bounce off of each other very naturally and the banter is great. I've only played through Red's route so far, but I am very excited to see where this story goes. Keep it up!

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I'm very glad that you liked the vn so far ^^

The update with come this month?

Im tryin my best to post it this month

Yee :>>

Yo necesito ayuda para pasar las tres preguntas

Which one?

How do I keep red from dieing right away

Just make sure to click "Talk to Red" again and again

I wanna ask,is there an scene where red let aki top?

I just want to ask even tho i like aki being a bottom

I've Planned for that in the future updates that he can top some of the demons he meet, so not to worry

How do I get red's scene? I've interacted with him as much as possible but I don't get the option after the coliseum

There should be an option "Apologize to him" after you walking up from the fight, choose that option


Ayuda por favor 🥺✨


que hago para sacar la escena con drago? 

(1 edit) (+2)

So let me start with something different now… Normally I would do some recounting of the whole story. But, is a bad idea since there is too much effort put in here that I do not want to spoil too much stuff. Normally I would do this: I mostly try to review per route but, I know there is just too much to cover it. So this time I’m going to do some key timings that I enjoyed while playing. After that I will review per department: Audio, Narration/writing, Art, and finally eye candy~. I know the game isn’t finished!

Before, I start doing a full review. Here is what I can say for anyone looking for a little push to start reading: If you can stand gore imagery and descriptions, go for it. It is more intense sometimes than Doom… and that is saying something. It is brutal sometimes. But, ignoring all gore. It does stand by a strong story and likable characters, only when they don’t go all demonic and chaotic full gore. Besides, their adventure is a fun one. I had a good deal of laughter, too many that I got my family members asking me if I was alright. I was enjoying the little talks and teasing to each other. It has a good atmosphere, and they focus on personality between them. I was immersed in the story since it does play a lot of realism in how a fantasy world would look like. If, it was taken realistically in the sense of fighting.

So first let’s go for personality:

Per character personality:

Akai, the main character, a lonely wolf: He is a mercenary, and earned a title for killing people in a certain way. I will save some info. He fights a lone, but with the new people he meets he gets a full 180 happening to him becoming a caring wolf. But, when meeting with our choices to date aka his future fellow demons… He becomes a Horny wolf if you want to make him. Also, he really did live by solitude sometimes. According to the time of the last build, he has lost 4 dear people he was trusting and considered family. Two of them were his family, the other 2 were fellow mercenary that help him.

Tchort, the ??????: This character is a prideful one. He enjoys torture and killing. And that is his good side. His altered personality or true demon form is a killing machine and is cold in the way he kills. He is a psychopath.

Red, the croc: This guy is a tsundere, but not the typical tsundere. He is stubborn and shows he doesn’t care for you… at first. If you interact with him more, it has a sweet spot for you. I choose him first. I enjoyed his interactions he will try to act all tough, but he actually is tough. But feelings are hard to hide. He cares for you if you try to break the barrier that he uses.

His alter personality or true demon form is a berserk fighter, and oh boy! Do not mess with him! He is dangerous~. Even if you do get him to try it with you, he will still try to do some damage to you. He still loses his temper so easily that he could destroy you. And he is brutal, all right. I almost puked after imagining the scenes during one of Akai’s nightmares. This scene was Red’s nightmare of distrust… and was agonizingly brutal.

Drago, the dragon: Drago is a teasing one. He loves to tease a lot. Also, he hates that people treat him all high and mighty due to him been a dragon. Additionally, he really is a lustful dragon if you meet him alone. In addition, he has some sense of high decency, if you can say that… His demon form or alter personality is an Eater of people… He can eat people whole. Also, he is a scary form to mess when he loses his control over that form.

Thayne, the bull: A timid yet social bull. He is more intelligent than the others. Knowing him, he has saved Akai so many times, and helped cool down his own friends when they become demon form and lose control. As an ally, he does talk a lot, and he is social once you get to know him. He will be there to guide you in the hard times. I have yet to see him lose his temper.

Havelock, the orca: A pirate of the sea. He does take care of his tripulation. To the point of sometimes comforting Akai when he is down. The alter personality of this orca is difficult for me to identify when he does go berserk. But, he does to try to liquid a certain character for his actions, and eventually he does somewhat succeed.

There is more, but for now is barely enough to make me understand the new followers.

Now let’s review per department.

Audio: On the spot, even the eerie scenes became stronger to the point of sending chills to my body. Not only for those scenes. Also, the battles were good and enjoyable, I had imagined some… but sometimes it was too much. >.<

Narration/writing: Story: It is strong and well-placed. I saw life in this world. And their people also were living beings, not just some random npc taking. All of them had their own lives. Characters: All of them are a good bunch, I had many fun experiences with them and how they interacted with each other.

One problem… There are some inconsistencies when following some paths. And informed one of them on the recent update devlog. Also, there were some orthography problems I noticed, but sometimes they made the serious moments more fun. I’m not going to lie, yes it ruins the scene, but man some of them are common. And yes, even I do have those issues. Actually, I have a habit of reading a lot of times over. But some common mistakes still pass without me knowing.

Art: Although is rough on some aspect, it does have a charm on it. It is constant and enjoyable to look at. As for the scenes, wow do they hold up even when is on weird angles. As for the gore… well, I’m happy that there is not too much of it. Or I would have a hard time eating while I was reading this VN. The eerie parts were spot on. I had some chills running down me.

Eye candy: There is a lot. And oh boy~. Did I enjoy the ones on my path? Yes. But, since it is shared with narration, for me, they feel a bit short. I do not mean the scenes, I mean the narration of the scene. But it is probably my thing. Anyway… They are steamy~ and enjoyable to read with the accompanied art. And Red as my to go for… he is a handful yet unexpected one to get into to. I dare to say that I had fun with him… Ye, lads! I’m crazy for this croc~!

(1 edit) (+1)

Yeahh this VN is sooooo good and very exciting story line and i cried in the scene when hunter killed accidentally by wolf.. (sorry spoilers alert hhhe) really i like this.. May be you. Should be fixed some stuff of your Vn their are several spelling and grammar are wrong written.. I hope you fixe it... Hhhhhhw by the way you have a great job..... Good luck relly I don't care the horny stuff now i really care the flow of the story... Wewww... And hory stuff is a bunos hhhhhe


I literally don't care about the horny stuff anymore,im so into this story you've create


Oh? Is it that good? I might as well give it a try… This one has been under my radar to read. Now let’s see how good is it.


im not sure this story is good enough for you,but somehow I just can't stop thinking about it.i hope you can enjoy it

(1 edit) (+2)

Actually, I’m enjoying it. I’m according to the number of the build… let’s say… Build 1.2: “A Dragon’s Story and his Darkest Secret”.

For now, I will say is a fresh air in something I was working on… Basically showing the gray side of evil. Since evil cant be actually completely define. This one works on the grey side, not the black and white we somewhat see in other games.

Yes, im building a fantasy world too… I have been inspired by many things, and now even this shows some of the same examples I was working with. Once I finish reading, I would like to ask the Dev if he is fine with me using some of the content for inspiration.

Also, if you can’t stop thinking about it, it means that is fantastic for you. Since not every game tents to stay on someone’s mind. A good game will be remembered and even used as an example of something.


Is it just me or wasnt there an nsfw sence with croc after the colosseum. I remember there being on before but its not there now?


Oh? Ill check up this bug


Rip Bruce and Corvus


This VN is a whirlwind of emotions especially this last update. I was crying during certain parts that just hit so damn much its beautiful. I give this game Ten out of Five. Very good work BigBuffDemonBoi, and don't fret too much on the grammar its quite passable. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃


I need to ask

When i saw The scene and dialogue witch torch that we had in the end of this build. 

My first thouth was, do we have begining of route for tchort? 

Anyway i will like to See MC and Tchort as couple :) 

And i like this build the new part of story was wonderfull, have a good day cant wait for next update. 

(sorry if i write somthing wrong my english is not perfect) 


It's indescribable how much I like this story

Sorry But, This is A Persistent problem... Unfit text


I'll separate it and will be fixed on the next update


about 3 question in the game which choice should i pick in order not to get game over


im having the same problem

What are you talking about? I know there are ways to get game overs, but I only see those in battles...where is it happening?

the dragon god ask 3 question what are they to ou, who do you save first, who you love most after i play the game but get game over 

Ahh that conflict, way before that before you sleep, you HAVE to talk to Red

i tried talking but the game keeps asking me many times till it forces me to go to bed

just keep clicking "Talk to Red" 

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