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(This game is still under development)

Warning: The story contains 18+  NSFW, Dark Themes, Profanity, Gore, and some Eerie scenes.

The story is about Aki(Name can be changed), a lowlife mercenary wolf who got paid to do every job, either good or bad. Growing up in an unnamed kingdom, he lived there as a street wolf after being abandoned by his mother and father. Until one day he met someone, someone that has a heart of gold, who helped him on getting back up again, but the stranger would leave him one day on an important mission... 

Then, he was all alone again, remembering and following every teaching the stranger had taught him and used those skills as an opportunity to become a mercenary. But his ways were too much and soon went out of line, agitating the king as a job went horribly wrong. Given the choice to step down as a mercenary or be exiled, he chose the latter but he was ultimately hunted down and killed by the kingdom's knights. 

But in a sudden twist of events before he was completely dead, an infamous demon took an interest in him and made a pact with him to become his vessel and to live with unimaginable powers and immortality. 

With his newfound power, both Aki and the demon pulled off a stunt that was completely out of the line, attracting the attention of some other demons. Who could they be? Are they here to help him on his journey? Could you possibly build a relationship with one of them? Or maybe one of them is here for Aki's head... The story shall progress. 

Huge credit to incompetech for the bg musics!

And thanks to my friends who supported me in making this game.

Your Positive comments are making me complete the next update guys!

(I know, few Grammars still needs to be fixed-)

Oh, also don't forget to rate the game!

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(323 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsBara, Dark Fantasy, demon, Erotic, Furry, Gay, Romance, suspense
Average sessionA few hours


a.hj-release.apk 329 MB
AHellishJourney-1.7.5-pc.zip 347 MB
AHellishJourney-1.7.5-linux.tar.bz2 321 MB
AHellishJourney-1.7.5-mac.zip 313 MB

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Just click download now and donate if its okay hehe(Join patreon for now since my donation is in a bug atm ), the click either pc or android.

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The story is wow I can wait for it to be continued

How do I unlock this cg? Is it even possible to unlock? Its the first in the third row of "Memories of the Journey"

*Blurring to avoid spoilers:3

The game is great and I love it.But there is a problem that the fourth CG of Ruaden can't be unlocked because of some bug.

Will Siegfried be a loveable character?I'm really enjoy your work.


OMG I cried like a lot in this journey, I LOVE IT!! please MORE!! :3


Great game! My only pet peeve is that the MC just suddenly became so... Timid after the town's destruction. It was really off putting when the vicious and feral wolf we saw slaughtering the knights turned to a completely submissive and nervous puppy. Literally went from zero to a hundred but in reverse lol.


The mc will experience a change of personality, but there's nothing to worry about, cuz I plan to keep his past personality back on him since we all know it suits on him more :D

Just finished the current version, and I'm very excited to look forward what will happen in the next update

I'm still waiting for the update

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Is this game supposed to game over? Ive had 2  so far.

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This game is the best VN i've ever played, and i like almost all the characters. This game is also easy and simple to play with. The bgm is unexpectedly also fit with the game. Not only about adventure and friendship, but also this game tells about life lesson that we should know as a player. 

Oot, my favourite character is Drago and Thayne, and since i'm not a native, i felt that i have learned quite much things, especially english phrases and idioms that i didn't know in this VN, and unexpectedly quite helpful for me hehe. 

I guess that's the only things that i could tell now, and maybe i forgot to mention the other things as well, and sorry if there are mistakes in spelling and grammar.

Still wait for the update tho, and thanks, author BigBuffDemonBoi

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I love the last CG of Aki with Chort,I made a wallpaper for my tablet 😆

Guys im stuck when the big dragon ask me 3 questions i dont know whats the right answer and i always die can someone help? 

Did you check on Red? When asked to check on someone?

when there is a breeze asking you to find someone to talk to, remember Ruaden had told you before to talk with whom... just check back to find your answer and insist your thought

I really like it!But I have a question, when is the next update? I’m really looking forward to the follow-up




可以去B站云玩。目前所有都没有官方汉化,个人汉化资源都是Windows PC端的



the part of the golem and where they shoot at rouden how do I prevent him from giving him the arrow

Remember the part where you keep talking with Ruaden before going into the fray, make sure you pick the right choices, and after the fight there will be another choice, make sure you chose the right answer as well


I am grateful to the author for creating this game and to sinicization for letting me touch it. Good writing knows no borders. But to be honest, the sudden death of Hunter at the beginning of the game made me find it hard to empathize with him. But with the progress of the plot, I gradually began to feel emotion from the character of Hunter. Look forward to learning more about him later.

My English is not good, so I'm sorry if anything was inappropriate.

(By the way, I like one who are proud, so Red was my target at first, but his dubious relationship with Drago and his attitude towards each other made me willingly give up. Just when I was lost, Tchort swooped in, that cunning and fool dragon :) )

If you accept Thayne's offer to teach you to fix things, it incorrectly sets the "Thayne_Teach" variable to false instead of true, meaning you miss all the dialogue options and points relating to this.


Ahh my apologies, Ill fix it right away


Absolutely love this game, suprisingly heartfelt and great story! Looking forward to more to come :)


The plot is great!!! I even lost sleep because of the story behind the brain tonic.


The music and the plot match very well!!!


Dear creator BigBuffDemonBoi, I’m Maoyu, a chinese fan of A Hellish Journey. First of all, I’d like to thank you for creating such an amazing game, which really touched me. And then, I want to translate it into Chinese edition to make more Chinese buddies play and learn more about this fantastic game. (The version is 1.7.5, which is published in itch) Please let me know If I can get your permission of translating it. And thanks again for bringing us such a great game :)


Ahh sure, if you want to :3


Big thanks! :D

The brothel sceness are missing in the gallery. Will they be added?


The comparison between siegfried and Aki's side story and the relationship between them in the actual main story makes me feel sad🥺. I really hope that they can have a better relationship in the future main story, or they will face up to that broken relationship in the future (and I really hope that Siegfried can enter the optional role in the future).

I also agree! :pray:

Yes,I'm so sad after reading the side story of Aki.Please give them a chance to renew their relationship and even fight together.😣

Can't agree more! Really hope Siegfried can join the group and be an option.😣



Why did the side Story with Siegfried have to be so good now I really wish you had made him an option I am crying just a little bit

Huh, I actually thought people would hate the other woof 🤔

We love him

I'm not gonna lie, for me, it's always the dicks that come around in the end (pun intended).

they are adorable so I would absolutely love it if there was a way to romance him but I understand if you don't want to

If you wanted us to hate him you probably shouldn't have tied him to a great life for Aki, anyone who helps Aki have a great life is ok in my book.

Help pls at the end red come to kill me idk how to solve it 😭 i need guides

If you meant the training part, its already clear and given hint "You need to listen to Drago on his lessons" the more you get wrong answers, the more Drago's life drags more to its demise. That goes the same with your training with Red, you just gotta find the right movement

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Heyo, there a submissive path for this game?

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Met with Tchort the Dragon Demon

A Deal With the Devil

Accepted Tchort’s deal and dealt with the Knights


Tchort swapped places with you and rained hell upon the kingdom.

Called It

Met Thayne, Red and Drago.

Make the Call

Made the call, signifying the start of someone’s route.

A Pirate’s Life for Me

Met Havelock, the aquamarine demon of the seas.

...And a Barrel of Beer

Got drunk with your demon friends.

(Opt.) Naughty, Naughty!

Snuck a peek in the orca’s quarters.

The Tale, I

Hung out with Drago and listened to his backstory

The Tale, II

Comforted Drago (like you had a choice)

On the Ropes

Got ambushed by bandits

Drago’s True Form

Witnessed Drago’s transformation as the Chaos Demon


Watched Drago defeat the bandits

Still Hungry

Seen Drago devour the bandit leader


Helped Thayne, Red, and Havelock carry an unconscious, corrupted Chaos Dragon


Saved Havelock from bleeding out

(All members of your party are alive, Drago for the most part. ;-D)

Creator’s Wine

Drink with your friends again, this time with Drago drinking a special blend.


Have visions of your friends and “family” telling you either you’re not good enough or to just give up.


Participate in the Coliseum Tournament


Win the first match.

Light On My Feet

Win the first match without getting hit.


Win the first match without dying.


Win the second match.


Win the second match without getting hit.


Win the second match without dying.

Red Soulstone

Win your match against Red.


Win your match against Red without getting hit.


Win your match against Red without dying.


Meet Hunter again.


Had a nice time with your fellow demons, and got drunk. . . again.


Made it to the swamp, and got ambushed. . . again.

Wisps Ablaze

Met Ruaden, an ex-shaman who worked under the elusive Dragon god, Ethos, but under unforeseen circumstances, ended up in the swamp

Swamp Thing

Battled the Swamp Guardian and took it down. For a price.




Spoke to Hunter in your dreams, and viewed Tchort’s true form

Cold Front

Used your only known healing spell on Red

Nightmare’s Edge (Betrayal)

Experienced your friends calling you a traitor.

Nightmare’s Edge (Dark Room)

Attempted to escape the Nightmare Room with Tchort


Freed Tchort, with the help of Yoshitsune and Thayne, one way… or the other.

Fundamentals of Learning

Sat through Drago’s lecture.

Risky Procedure Sparred with Red

A Brush With Death

Almost encountered death by Red’s hand

In Your Dreams

Encountered Rosemary, the daughter of the feline assassin

Comfort Zone

Comforted Rosemary after she learned the truth, as she comforted you in turn.

True Despair

Murdered the Bandit Leader in cold blood after learning about Mary’s death

Tchort, the Frozen Psychopath

Battled Red as Tchort’s alterego.


Witness Red and Havelock get beat half to death by Tchort's alter-ego.

Final Stand

With the help of Drago, you stopped the King of Hell from taking over your body.


Help Ruaden kill the Earth Golem.

Haven’t Had Enough Yet?

Get ambushed by lizards. . . again.

Call Out My Name

Defeat the Elite Lizards.


Got protected from Argus’* Death’s Embrace arrow.


Encountered Argus.

Sneaky, Sneaky!

After being fed Catnip Wine, spy on your former mercenary acquaintances, Bruce and Corvus.

Not Scared

After Bruce got murdered by the swamp monster, Corvus protects you and his lover’s body. Survive the Beast.


Tell the king what happened.

Ruaden’s Truth

Ruaden explained what happened while you were out.

Seeing Blue

Slept with Tchort.


Explored the Slums.

Arcane Tower

Located the Tower to stamp your teleportation scroll.

Wolf Knight

Encounter the Wolf Knight and his friend.


Merge with Tchort and his alter-ego.

Taken Respect, Given Respect

Talk to Balmung the Seer Captain.


The Wolf Knight, Siegfried, has infiltrated your mind.

Once A Friend...

Discover Siegfried.


Learn the truth of your past.

Baring Your Fangs

Escape the Phantoms.

Bitter Regret

Beat the main story.

What Could’ve Been…

Start the side chapter.

Ballroom Dancing

Accept the request to join Siegfried at the ball.


Confess your feelings for Aki.


Hi! So Im loving the story but I do have a question. When getting the chance to have "fun" with a character does it matter what route you choose? Lets say I choose to go along with Drago, will sleeping with anyone else WHILE on his route affect the relationship with him?

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If anything, he'll somehow know that you did, and tease you relentlessly for it~ 💜

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Alright thwnks 😂 time to be a whore



Be a demon's fuck toy as much as you want, the others won't notice~ some might but who cares as long as youre having fun~

Good to know ~ 😂


how do i get the other scenes i always get the same

Hello everyone PLEASE HELP!!! why am I dying at the beginning of day 5? Many thanks in advance

Is that red killing you??

Thrilling hope in the future updates  sigfried and the mc become friends 

How do I unlock the new photos for the extra???

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Umm, will we have the chance to be top or bottom as the MC ? I ask this question because Tchort seems like he is a "Top" kinda guy, and he would not like the MC (Aki) to be a bottom (Tchort says that it would hurt his pride)..

I would prefer if I can have the option to be a bottom if that's the case. I don't want Tchort to ruin my chances of being topped and dominated by Red, Ruaden, Thayne ect... lol


everytime i redownload my gallery is wiped....the pain of going through everything to unlock the past cgs again ;-;

I'm really sorry about that, me and my friend are still looking for a way to resolve that-

Can somebody tell me what is the name of the music in the Main menu

we need more of siegfreid like way moree.... 

im just gonna say this but i think the wolf knight guy is siegreid 

i knew it. 


Yey new update!

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I have no words......

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how do I get Drago's extras? Or I am just not that smart


I found out... Just why did it take 41 minutes though

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