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I'm still sad that the MC can only see and talk Hunter when you are close to death in the story. I hope later on the MC can be able to bring Hunter back to life or Hunter can be with the MC without the need of the MC to be close to death everytime.


Heh, perhaps.


sorry i tend to say too much. i dont mean to overstep anything

It's fine, dude


I love this VN so much right now and i can't wait for the next update! I love that Tchort is horny for Red. But Drago is super sweet and he is my favorite. Also nice job putting in Velocity (season 3 op of Overlord) in I FREAKING LOVE THAT ANIME! KEEP IT UP!


Hehe, Im glad you love the VN, and yep, Overlord is an awesome anime.

I really love this VN I can't wait to see what you do next with the story and I really like how you not only made the protagonist evil but you also gave him a sympathetic past. I'm assuming at one point you'll fix the grammar issues that are in the VN so far? I understand that these fixes will take time and grammar can be hard because English is my native language and I struggle with it so I can understand why you're having trouble. With all that said I wish you the best of luck with the VN and I hope you stay safe and healthy during these crazy times.

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Tysm! And Im glad you love the VN!

What would you do if you encountered an "actractive" demon? 

a. Be scared and run away

b. Stay quiet and admire them

c. Flirt

d. Make your own option

I would love to see your answers


This is hard- can I just pick b c & d-

you could pick d and say b, c, and d :)

i would go for b c and d as well


Such a good game man :)

By the way, How many nsfw cutscenes are there in this game?

just curious.

Three, about to be five on the next update.

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Loving this visual novel. I'm having trouble getting Red's NSFW scene though. Everything I did is favourable but I think I missed something? Any pointers-

When you wake up after the fight, apologize to him

Thanks a bunch! Once again loving this vn, you've got my whole heart's support!

Thanks! Glad you love it!

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Hello there, sorry for my terrible English, I only know how to read, not write, I really enjoyed reading this visual novel, without saying that after a long time I like a proganist, I will be waiting to read more of this story

Thanks, Im glad you enjoyed the VN!

More love for demons, yuuus~ =w=

Yes yes yesssss

I've only found two NSFW scenes out of the three.. There's one for Drago? How do I trigger it? I've done all of the choices that are favorable to him and nothing.

If you got the scene where they get interrupted, that’s it. Creator said that it’ll always get interrupted (for now I hope)


The part where he was dying, havelock is going to help, choose the "Support him", and the scene will happen


i like it i see potential

Is there a way to finish the sex scene with Drago or will it always be interrupted?


Nope, it'll always be interrupted.

aww...least I got my boi red🐊

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Interesting concept,though the grammar really needs work (I feel like I was having an aneurysm reading this)

Have you considered getting someone to proofread for you?


Holy crap this novel is amazing! I finally have an interesting novel about demons and magic and whatnot...really great job!!

Thanks, Im glad you liked the novel!

By chance is there any plans to release an OS X version? Just from reading the description and seeing peoples comments makes this vn look very cool.

With how complicated Apple seems to makes their “acceptance procedure,” it might be a while. I know some other creators have look into it but most if not all are hesitant to because of how Apple handles their guidelines and whatnot


This is a cool visual novel and one person doing all the work good job your doing good story so far. thanks need more red sex tho. im gonna play them all tho i like the story.


Heh, eager for Red eh? Dont worry, and thanks! Glad you liked the VN

Why Drago introduce himself twice?

Ahh mustve been a bug, Ill take care of it


This was AMAZING. Now, I am going to patiently wait for the next update, dont mind mee <3

Heh, I'm glad you like it!


hunter's death scene reminded me of koro sensei's from ansatsu kyoushitsu and made me almost cry. still loved the story tho (except that one scen where havenlock almost got raped, and at that moment i was like "stay away from my husbando". But then again the fact that i actually felt it means how well written the story is).

Mhm mhm, lots of people are in love with Havelock


I need thayne!!!

Oh you will get em on the next update, hehe~


While not perfect due to grammatical errors, it's very refreshing to see an evil main character! Can't wait to destroy another city!

Heh, Can't wait indeed


I love this!!!

I want more Drago and Havlock <3

Heh, glad you love it!


Hey BBDB, i started playing your game yesterday and i have to say, i've very much enjoyed every bit of the story. The art style is also amazing and the demons are wicked.

I do have a suggestion though: if you can add a "Hide" option to hide the text chat-box, so the player can fully view the background and artsyles (because again, they are awesome). I'm playing the android version, and i would love if you can take this suggestion into consideration. Thank you so much for this VN regardless.

Thanks! And I'll try to add a hide button in android, I'm glad you liked the game^^

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Love the VN, it's great. The Overlord theme (Voracity) is something though lol. Is this inspired by it by any chance? Playing as the villains and all!

"I just want to eat, how taste it is?" 


Hehe perhaps, I really love villains being the protagonists, pretty unique, that's why I made this VN.


Is there a place where we can put corrections for grammar? I'd be happy to do it! Otherwise I am enjoying the game so far! Keep up the good work.


I love the game! The world-building is well written and it kept me interested! The characters are unique but Thayne is my favorite because he is calm and collected. The MC is also down to earth and very likeable! I can't wait for future updates!


Oooh the first one who likes the bull, thanks! And Im very glad that you liked the game! ^w^


Love it. I want to see more of Drago's, Havelock's and Red's route. Drago and Red are my #1 favorites!

Heh, both of them are everyone's favorite now eh? Glad you loved the game^^


You know it ;)


this game is wicked! i love the story line and there are so many decisions and paths to take, it makes it so interesting.

I'm very glad that you loved the game^^

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Deleted 329 days ago
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IM not sure if this is a bug but when 2 charathers have the same ammount of like points It triggers both of their dialog it happens after the flashback and when they tell us that the dinner is ready in the Inn my 2 was Thayne and Havelock. Love the game BTW keep it up!!!!

Ahh, did that on purpose cuz hav is just an extra character for now whos supporting you, and glad you liked the game^^


Wow, the game is amazing, and I liked the characters. They are all sweet, the story enters your world. Thank you for your hard work and I am excited about the upcoming updates.

Thanks! And I'm glad you liked the game!


Omg I'm loving it so far, Red is such a sweetheart inside it's so cute can't wait to see more of him


Hehe, very glad to hear that! Red may be a stubborn croco, but we all know every stubborn character has a different side, a good one >w<

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The protagonist needs some re-working. He reacts very childishly...


I do hope you are taking breaks and time off. I may be looking forward to the next update but I don't want you to push yourself too much or too hard. You're doing damn near everything yourself and it's pretty fuckin' admirable and impressive, to me at least.


Ahh, Thank you so much ^^

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Is there just one 18+ scene ?

If have more ,can I have a guide?

Theres only one for now, there will be another in the future updates


Wow, love this already <3 Can't wait to see more :D I gotta ask will Havelock be a romanceable character? I'm already in love with him and Red <3

oh, probably, for now Havelock is an extra character, but may be possible to be a romanceable character in the future, and I'm very glad you liked it ^^ (sorry if you must've faced some bugs)

Do you download it on Android?😢😢💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

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Its now available!

Cool 😆🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️



Got that error while playing

Fixed, Im very sorry for the inconvience, I think you should download it again :)

Okay, cool!

Looking forward to play the next updates!


Thanks! The next update is almost there! ^^

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