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Can anyone tell me how to get the code for Lentera's crossover event with A Hellish Journey?


Its unfortunate you cannot top AT ALL in this VN. This is aglaring isssue with every single FVN that exist and it would cost nothing if we could do a purely top only playtrough without ever needing to bottom at all. Otherwise it makes it an unpleasant experience playing and replaying the VN when you have no other choice at all ecxept for bottoming

Hi, I need help. I don't know how to unlock this scene.


This is my favorite kind of vn, intense stuff mixed with spicy cgs lol

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this is my first time trying vn and i really enjoy it. the musics fit in the plot, and the characters are adorable while their journey is quite difficult and intense. i think that's what "a hellish journey" for, right?  i really hope that there will be a true happy ending for them.


this new update show a lot of past of Havelock and i like this guy. im curious about how Drago save Red stories and what happen or Drago so exciting to wait for next update


cant wait for the next update I'm so hooked on it

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That scene might be Red's 2nd nsfw

You know how happy I am because I saw the update.!This is happier than I found $1000!!!!

how to open Ruaden's cg6 and cg7 pls

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I have a suspicion that Hunter is Argus.

It would be a great plot twist.

Using his dead step dad against to Aki is disaster ( hunch )

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not only the story are amazing but the songs are also nice. Can anyone tell me where I can listen to these songs or the song creator for me? Tyvm. :3

nvm I managed

Repost of an unanswered question from a few weeks ago, but does anyone know how to unlock Havelock's final 2 CGs? I was pretty thorough looking for them, but they're still eluding me. I even checked the Discord and patch notes for hints, but I'm still not sure where to look. Any tips would be appreciated.  

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Hi! I have several things to say about this game, and there are also some ideas that I hope will be accepted.


1. The prologue in my opinion started very well, maybe a bit overrated, but very well;

2. It makes me think that Hunter is not really dead and, looking at the similarities in the sprites, after his corpse was dug up, somehow he came back to life and evolved to become the dragon with the wooden mask and ornaments that resemble a tree;

3. You have a lot of guts with the character of Rosemary, don't touch little girls;

4. It wouldn't surprise me if Zegha and Rugra lost their lives in a fight, but I would expect them to come back to life as demons;

5. I would be sad if any of the dragons, including Ethos, lost their lives, because they are all very cool and handsome;

6. Personally, during the sex scene between Bruce and Corvus, I would have preferred to see the kiss and see Corvus' face better in the GC;

7. During the escape from the green ghosts I would have played this music:

8. I have to report some bugs that occurred to me after downloading the game. The day after I downloaded the game, I received phone calls from suspected spam and sometimes my phone screen was splashed with red. While I was playing, when notifications arrived from Facebook, the alarms sounded or I connected the earphones, the music no longer started until I restarted the application.


1. In my opinion every character who officially joins Aki's party to return to Hell should have an official page in the Gallery;

2. I saw the anime Demon Slayer before playing this game, so I had this idea since time immemorial, that the protagonists could meet cleaners who are hired to kill all the creatures of Hell, basically exterminators of demons (who do not work for Ethos, but work independently for any buyer). Maybe they could even pretend to be travelers, until they see a demon that they decide to kill, like the Yiga Clan does with Link in Breathe of the Wild.;

3. What do you think about a spell that demons can only learn during the full moon of a leap night? In this case I'm talking about a spell that allows you to control time, that is, being able to slow down time whenever you want and be able to travel through time and alter events. This would unlock an ending where, after Drago and the others return to Hell, Aki, along with Tchort, go back in time to correct all their mistakes, while also saving the lives of Hunter, Rosemary, Bruce, and Corvus;

4. I imagined a story that I will try to summarize in a concise way: While Red and Drago explore a village to stock up on supplies, they encounter a she-wolf who seems to be in difficulty and can barely support herself with a stick. The two decide to help her and discover that she is Aki's mother. She in turn discovers that her son is traveling with them and explains to the two demons how she had abandoned him for fear that her husband would attack him further, but that she would have wanted to continue taking care of Aki. She also says that she currently lives in a homeless shelter in the village and that she would like to reconnect with Aki. Red and Drago go to Aki to explain the situation to him, also telling him that her mother loves him with all her heart. Aki decides to meet her, although with some doubts. As soon as the two meet in the woman's room, Aki's mother compliments her son on how beautiful he has grown up, giving him a loving smile. She also tells him about her experience after abandoning her son. Aki's mother wanted to continue raising him, but fearing that his father would attack him further and also turn against her, she decided to leave the child on the street. The woman continued to live with her husband, while the latter did everything he could to repair the damage they had suffered from the noble house. Eventually her husband died from stress fatigue and she continued to travel in hopes of finding her son, but her efforts fatigued her and she was taken into custody at a residence, where she was treated. In the end the woman regrets how she treated her son, telling him that, despite everything that happened in the past, she always loved him, showing Aki a drawing she had made as a child that she kept and singing him a song, dedicated to Aki during his childhood, playing the guitar. In the end, in the general emotion, Aki forgives her mother by embracing her. The wolf thanks his friends for helping him reconcile with his mother and tells her all the experiences he has had, that he was reborn as a demon's vessel and that he is accompanying his friends to take them back to their home in Hell. His mother wishes him all the luck in the world on his journey and tells him that if he ever needs her, she will be waiting for him at her house. After leaving the residence, Aki thanks his fellow demons again, but explains to them that he has a doubt, namely that now that he has discovered that his mother continues to love him, he doesn't know whether to go to Hell or stay and live with her. This will unlock endings, meaning that after the demons return to Hell, Aki can choose whether to go with them, stay to live with his mother or take her to Hell too to live with him and his demon friends.

I hope you all enjoyed this, thank you and have a good day.

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in the future updates will be more "fun" with tchort? and my mind was poseling tho like we know Hunter is somehow is in Aki's mind but dose he know that Aki is doing some "noughty" things?

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edit: figured it out


Is there any guide to this vn?

also, how to have a scene with the violent dragon who runs the one night stand hotel? 

(idk the name)


The guide is still a working on progress, but I'll keep myself in mind to work on it when I have time, my friend


whoa...! this update is really exciting!

i can't wait to see the next update! (and please, don't make me waiting for a whole year to the next update... :y)

ps: are zegha from "lentera" VN?

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Yes, he's a collab character

Main character :)

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i want to say that the story is perfect and the characters personalities are perfect.

DONT GIVE UP ON YOUR GAME CUZ IT IS PERFECT oN EVERYTHING (plz remastre thayne's and havelock's art) 

(My english is bad btw -_-)

I will try my best to keep on working on the vn.

(Atm Havelock's cgs are great so far tho, as for Thayne, he will get some treatments)

If you say so, cuz havelock dont have so much face emotions (you know what i mean !!!!)

how to get the fourth image of Red


How do I unlock the last two CGs with Havelock?

How do you say tchorts name? @BigBuffDemonBoi

I usually pronounce it Tee-Chort but feel free to pronounce his name whatever you desire


Well all of data file save game is gone,ohh well it's not a big deal for me I'm gonna re-read the entire VN (but I hope you make this action quickly for those who not willing to re-read the entire story) so on well done 

We are dealing with that problem asap, we apologize for the inconvenience, we didnt expect this kind of bug to happen

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All my saves are dead and the gallery is yet again not fully updated with this update. :-(

He half of my save files are gone 🙂


It's good to see we get a new update tho I hope Bigbuff don't over work himself tho I like this VN not becouse of the "fun" sences but moustly the storey plus I sometimes fantasy and creat characters to this VN that how much a love it

the gallery got locked after the update. any idea how to get back other than restarting the game and unlocking them

Ahh, My friend is trying to find a way on how to deal with that problem, so at the moment, the best option so far to get the CGs is to make a save file before it appears, my apologies for the inconvenience

F i n a l l y <3

Hey I got bit of a problem. I cant get past day 5. I am really trying my best.Every time Red dies and games over. Any ideas what am I doing wrong???

The big dragon gives you a hint by asking if you talked to Red. When he is recovering, you need to go to talk to him when you have the option to talk to anyone. You will be asked multiple times if you are sure. Keep pressing and the story will unfold where you prevent his death.





The creator on Twitter said they're trying to finish it by the end / before the end of April.

So unless you have patreon I would suspect the next update will be public somewhere close to the end of April or early May.


 how can I unlock that one

Iirc in day 2 you have to check on Drago and listen his backstory. It could unlock that cg

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I just play Aki's backstory and I didn't know his father's name was rodrigo damn


Any productoin updates on the vn 🥲


I want to see the end of him

I really hope to continue to update.


I loved every update as they came out
really miss your story and hope you're doing ok


I'm looking forward to a new update sooooooon XD. I cannot wait to see more Aki's stories


i hope there will be a new update soon <3


just random question. 

is there an estimation on when the next update will be?


I hope this game is not Abandoned looking forward for the next chapter<⁠(⁠ ̄⁠︶⁠ ̄⁠)⁠>

Help me solve this problem! !

you can choose anything, and it won't really affect the story. I hope you understand what i mean

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Each option will look like this and the game is over! Look at me and say that!

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before you meet thayne at nighttime, do you manage to see the crocodile? 

if i'm not wrong, it's when "talk to him"


Aaaah! Thank u! I finally got over it XDDD

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