Build 1.4: "Nightmares and Demise..."

Hey Everyone, BigBuffDemonBoi here,

We now have another new update of the game! Featuring the unusual bull himself, Thayne! Not only the bull, but we also have a new character, who could he be? Just to remind you, people, there is another upcoming fight, so you better get ready, something good, and something bad... Venture the swamp and reveal its secrets, free your fellow demon from its clutches.

Here are the new updates added to the game:

  • Better sprites for Red, Thayne, and  Havelock!
  • New Cg sprites for the General and ?????
  • Lots of new Cg scenes mostly focusing on the bull.
  • Timed choices, so you better choose fast, everyone!
  • Approximately 100k words in total!
  • A secret character appears...
  • Added more face expressions for Aki in pc!

Hope you guys enjoy the new update, See you on the next update!



Files 252 MB
Jun 22, 2021
a.hj-104-universal-release.apk 233 MB
Jun 22, 2021

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How do you get past the three questions


Aaaaah, i'm so scared now that somebody will surely die! T_T