Build 1.1 "To meet Another Demons"


BigBuffDemonBoi here!

Been a very busy week, but Im gladd I could still update this game I'm making, I promise you won't be disappointed cuz the update is super great!

  • NEW Characters!- Such as Red, Drago, Thayne and ?????!
  • NEW CGs to each of them!
  • Different endings in just the first day.
  • A Secret Nsfw CG on ine of them (Who could it be?)
  • Fixed some grammars and double capslocked letters.

Some possible updates next version:

  • Day 2
  • A prologue of One of the characters
  • Possibly another Nsfw CG
  • (Still looking for a way to put this one in android)

Thank you so much for trying out my game, comments are all appreciated, you may also folow my twitter and patreaon too, donation will be gratly appreciated!


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Mar 05, 2021

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