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Yay, very good update, I love them all 🥰, they are so beautiful and hot

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Oooohhh yes finally. I've yearn for an update! Looking forward for more! No matter how long the wait, just wishing you would finish it


Here are some of the things you need to know if you want to see the new nsfws:

1st nsfw-You must have the first nsfw of a certain croc

2nd nsfw-Proceed with the story

3rd nsfw-Make sure to check up on a certain blue derg

Just posting this here so no ones gonna fill up the comments with questions about it :3

thanks croco :3 I was looking forward to this update


i just finished version 1.5 and i cant wait for a new version to comeout the game is great so far!


Did they stopped updating?🥲


Its still alive and slowly running,just cant focus on it because of irl situations, educations and stuff


ok who decided to kill a dragon at 2020 because the creator is still mad

it's version end when you have chose 3 answer?


Loving this game but is it dead?


Nope, its back in working in progress


yay hehe keep up the amazing work

Hey,is there any discord?

Yes there is it's called reds layer

Hello every one i need help i'm stuck in the game when i need to answer the 3 question, i have try evreything but every time is gameover. Pls anyone help meee🙏🙏🙏

You need talk to red


The 4th month waiting for big surprize😊


Yeah, this was a surprisingly good VN when I found it and then had to wait quite a long time for the first couple of updates. Really hoping he's still working on it. Just gotta be patient I guess.

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Hey,BigBuffDemonBoi sayed to not worry. :)


Apologies for making you all waiting for a long time, been busy with irl situations that I've lost touch with my VN, but with my hands back on this work, I'll try to update the game within this month or next

Great, can't wait to see what's next!


take another perspective of this visual novel

Wish you a good day!

Just saw now that the update will be within this month or mext month

Waiting with pleasure!

Honestly, Im not complaining about the wait because really its just indicating that the next update will be big. (which is great because we can play a lot of it and not have that feeling of "why dint i take this slower?" as much!

Also even if this is just a normal update, the creator isnt obligated to make it either. it just makes fruity people on the internet happy and maybe get a donation.


Hi Demonboi, I think I found an error here. This line should be Red but it labels as Little Kid, kinda bold to hear that kid talked back to a demon, especially to Red. The rest is all good. Btw I love your VN, really looking forward to your next update. Stay Safe!!!

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(edit) That's actually another kid telling the naughty kid to be more careful, that's not Red's line.

I wanna so bad an update

but i want to wait with pleasure


I'm slowly working back on the coding for the game again, not to worry

Waiting with pleasure

for the big lizard that coming from the shadows in my bed..



I hope that BigBuffDemonBoi is doing well. 🙂🙂🙂

Will there be another update coming up soon?

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quite literally the best visual novel i've played (emphasis on the "i've"). the story was incredibly well put together, and some parts got my feelings, to say the least. but, overall, a great vn. 10000000/10

the games good im just confused about reds scene because it said they all have one and im trying really hard to find his. besides that the game is absolutly fantastic 1000000000/10

Red is easy, you just need make points with 
Red. As Far I know that Red has one scene of NSFW unless I miss other one. 

Some update in February?

can't wait for next update

Me too!


I couldnt talk to red at that last part😭

Look carefully, the options have changed positions in the fourth time

Mainly Keep clicking Talk to Red.

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When will be the next Build Demonboi?


Not sure, Im still busy with my irl situations

Understand...Have a good night!

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I found that when I heard the Demon Dragon talk, I talked to Red, and after the bad ending which Drago destroy the world was triggered, even if I read the file to choose other options, he would default me to talk to Red,constantly triggering bad endings. Is this a bug?

I found that I deleted all the archives and played it again. The first time I chose to talk to other people, the demon dragon still said that I heard the whisper and talked to the crocodile, and then the bad ending was triggered. Is this what it should be?Is it a matter of favorability?


Keep on choosing "Talk to Red and you will proceed on the next day for sure, the reason why you have to talk to the crocodile is that something is about to kill him and the only way to stop it was to be seen, and if you remember, the bear was still downstairs, and when he got out of Red's room, thats when the unknown entity snuck in and slowly taking the crocodile's life.


God, this option has actually changed positions!? I'm stupid

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this is a good VN, this VN have unique story line, and sometimes i kinda get an emotional feeling to the MC, i look forward to the next build.
and this is some footage that i took from the game :3


I know that grammar is being addressed which is good, but I can understand the narrative really well. I think this VN is so good I cried at certain parts. Good job and please take care of yourself. 😃😃😃😃


I can't believe how much I'm tearing up at those flashbacks, I just started playing, and I'm caring this much.  The music is beautiful and the scene is gut wrenching...amazing work 🥺😢😭

Is there only one NSFW scene for the bull? Is there a way to do an anal version for him or is it only the blowjob version


Ahh blowjob is the only nsfw he has for now

ah thanks was wondering if he can use your other hole since he mentioned it as an alternative LOL

Deleted post

Is there a way to get the texts smaller? I can't see the rest.. android by the way.


Ill take care of that, I'll just separate it into two dialogues

Can anyone help me? I cannot find the Red nsfw scene anywhere

ok so this is obviously a spoiler but hereso what you wanna do is after the gladiator arena and when you take red to his room you choose tease me and that will start the nsfw scene!


There should be an option when you wake up after the fight, choose to "Apologize to him"

AHHHHHH!!!!!! Torch te amo 😻

ay una escena nfsw con drago por que no me salio

i hope there will be nsfw scene with  Tchort in the next update :D

well the last one did add 2 scenes so hopefully theres tchort and maybe havelock?

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Theres gonna be an nsfw for Tchort, theres no nsfw for Havelock yet since its already planned to when it will be added, and possibly another nsfw scene but not sure who yet

may i ask when the next update is?


Depends if I have lots of free time, Im mostly busy during school days

oh okayyy

I will wait with "pleaseure"


I just wanna say this VN is Very good and i really enjoy how relations between characters are changing

And The design of all characters is ryly great

Also idea about those elements is very Unical

And i cant wait for next Update :)

Also this is sad what happened to MC adopted daughter :(

and idea about history of this world is also very iteresting


Before Tchort sprite: he maybe an old hermit
After Tchort sprite: Oh no! He is hot



very hot would simp


Hmm, why tchort look so handsome than Drago? Looking at him now, I can see why Drago would fall in love with him in past.

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Hey I'm sorry if this is a weird question but how many points does it take to get an nsfw scene with each character?


The points are still for extra dialogues and no scenes yet, if you're wanting to see an nsfw scenes, you just gotta pick some right decisions and you'll unlock those 

so i just started and im at the part with the big celestial dragon how do i not die there


After the whisper told you to talk to someone, go and choose "Talk to Red" and you should proceed to the next day

Btw is there a way to stop drago from destroying the world?

Urrm, don't break his mask that keep his power stable like Red's white mask?

he's asking how he can get past the Dragon god(idk who he is)

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Ooh, the one with Mc soul? At first when I saw, I thought drago a dragon name not his bad side drago dragon. Mind you there like 5 dragon god.

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